I am Melbourne based General Practitioner, who has been practicing locally for over 30 years.
I have extensive experience as an attending doctor within the mother and baby unit at Masada Private Hospital and practice in surgical office procedures.
Graduating from Melbourne University with a Bachelor of Medicine in 1979, I completed 5 further years of hospital training before starting my career in General Practice.
I hold a Masters Degree in Public Health and Tropical Medicine and a Diploma of Obstetrics.
I acquired my technique for circumcision from Dr Neil Pollock who works in Vancouver, Canada. Dr Pollock has performed over 30,000 circumcisions and is considered an international authority in this field.
I deploy the ‘Mogen clamp’ method for infant circumcision, which has the advantages of allowing the procedure to be performed rapidly and controlling bleeding during the procedure.
I will only perform this procedure on babies from 0-4 months of age.
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Circumcision is the surgical removal of the foreskin which is a fold of skin that covers the tip of the penis.
Circumcision is a safe procedure that has been performed on boys for thousands of years.

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